22 January 2015

About KIDoosh

KIDoosh is a blog about kids and the things that they love (or hate), written by two kid bloggers (C and M) and their mum (S). It is S’s attempt at helping the kids to improve their love for reading and writing.

Oh, and in case you want to know: This is a paid blogging gig for the kids. ;)

If you purchase through KIDoosh’s affiliate links (to Amazon, Fishpond, etc), we’ll get a bit of commission to help to keep this blog running.

Meet The KIDoosh Team Bloggers

C, KIDoosh Blogger


About C

C is a 13-year-old boy who has been blogging on and off since he was 5 years old. C is part of the school’s debating team and has won ‘Debater of the Year’ in South Australia when he was in Year 5. He is a consistent prize winner at the Science Oliphant Awards since Year 1. He loves computers, video games, fishing, food, chocolates, and soccer (Go Socceroos, Adelaide United, and Arsenal FC!). He currently runs his own Minecraft server, YouTube channel, and Instagram account. He also plays the piano and the drums, as well as squash.

C’s Blog Posts



M, KIDoosh Blogger


About M

M is a 9-year-old girl whose first attempt at blogging is here at KIDoosh. Like her big brother, she is a consistent prize winner at the Science Oliphant Awards held annually in South Australia since she was in Reception. She loves animals, shopping, TV, movies, and playing games. And, she loves going to gymnastics and swimming classes. She also plays the piano. She is a budding Taylor Swift fan and a huge ‘Frozen’ fanatic.

M’s Blog Posts




S, KIDoosh Blogger and Mum to C and M


About S

S is Shai Coggins, the 40-year-old mum of C and M. She has been blogging since 1999 and  is currently running her own digital media company, Vervely. She is also a part-time art instructor at Splashout Studios in Adelaide. She loves painting, reading, writing, watching TV / movies, sketching, designing, and photography. She often gets into all sorts of crafts and personal projects. You can purchase some of her art and designs over at Etsy and RedBubble .

S’s Blog Posts

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