Seal Island – Book Review

23 January 2015

Seal Island by Julia GreenTitle: Seal island
Author: Julia Green
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Year of Publication: 2014

Summary From Fishpond:

‘Grace looked directly at the seal pup and spoke softly to it. ‘I’ll be back soon. Don’t give up.’ Grace is excited about her holiday, staying with Granny at her house by the sea. A whole week exploring rock pools, collecting shells, and playing on the beach – perhaps she might even get to see a baby seal? Grace makes friends with local boy Col who knows all the secrets of the Island. When Grace discovers a small seal pup, separated from its mother after a storm, she’s not sure if she can help it, but she has to try …Beautifully illustrated in black and white, this is a heart-warming tale of friendship and discovery in the wild outdoors by the author of Tilly’s Moonlight Fox…

M’s Review of Seal Island

M, KIDoosh BloggerThe main character is called Grace. Grace is a very nice girl. She found a lost seal pup on the beach.

Grace sang a song to a seal pup and made friends with it. There is a boy called Col that made friends with Grace.

I recommend this book for kids 7 to 11 and kids that love animals.

Three things I like about the book:
1.I like the characters.
2.I love how it’s about friendship.
3.I like the storytelling.

Three things that I didn’t like about the book:
1. Nothing
2. Nothing
3. Nothing

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Wrap Up

Seal Island

  • 10/10
    M's Rating


  • Good characters (M)
  • Great storytelling (M)


  • Nothing (M)

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