Truly Tan: Spooked – Book Review

22 January 2015

TrulyTanSpookedTitle: Truly Tan: Spooked
Author: Jen Storer
Publisher: Harper Collins
Published: 2013

Summary From Fishpond:
Tan is back in another deliciously spooky adventure! Book 3 in the bestselling series that kids describe as ‘seriously hilarious’ and ‘fabulously funny’. Tan and the Chosen Few have another mystery on their hands…The ‘stonies’ (stone animal statues) around Peppercorn Valley have been mysteriously disappearing. But who would steal them? What could the thief want with a stone emu or flamingo? This mystery is truly baffling! It’s a good thing Tan has the mind of a Great Detective… A brilliant chapter series for fans of Alice-Miranda, Judy Moody and The Famous Five.

M’s Review of Truly Tan: Spooked

M, KIDoosh BloggerThe main characters are Tan Callahan, Gloria and Molly B. Tan is a bold detective. Gloria is Tan’s best friend. Molly B is Tan’s old best friend. They live in a small country.

The main problem is that the stone animals are disappearing around town. They learnt about this while they were riding around town.

I recommend this book because it is full of mystery and it is great storytelling.

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Wrap Up

Truly Tan: Spooked

  • 8/10
    M's Rating


  • Full of Mystery (M)
  • Great storytelling (M)


  • Titles of the Chapters (M)

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